Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Whether it’s your first time at a dental clinic or you’re someone looking for a change our team is ready to help you feel good about your smile.

Our goal is to provide a calm, nurturing and fun-loving experience.

Family oriented clinic

Our practice encompasses an exceptional team of dental practitioners and dental assistants who strive to ensure that every patient embarks on a positive, unforgettable dental experience. Our warm-hearted and family-orientated team often work together to facilitate your oral health needs, and so you will find not just your practitioner but our entire team excited about getting to know you. We understand why personal care is important; by exploring your history and your lifestyle we enable each other to better acknowledge the unique issues and challenges you may be experiencing with your teeth. We have respect for the trust you have given us and reciprocate by regarding you, not merely as a patient but as a member of our family.

Ideal for Anxious Patients

Our regular patients often describe our practice as both calming and easy-going. If you’re anxious in a dental setting you won’t need to tell us, because we take pride in creating a comfortable and stress-free environment for all our patients. Our dental practitioners are highly trained to provide dental care that accommodates to a diligent, composed and tranquil environment. Our team will not proceed with any examinations or procedures until you are feeling relaxed and well informed. During your visit we understand any leading apprehension or anxiety you may be feeling, however you can rest assure our staff are well trained to help you achieve a serene state of mind during you visit; we may ask of you to communicate if you’re comfortable in a reclined position, if you require any neck or back support, your channel preference for our ceiling mounted TV or if you prefer some background music of your own to help you relax. At Waverley Park Dental Care we endeavour your upmost comfort.


Above all else, our ultimate goal at Waverley Park Dental Care is to empower you as a patient, to best improve and maintain your oral and general well-being. Your mouth serves as a gateway to your internal organs thus highlights the importance of adequate oral health measures to restore and protect your general physiology. Our team of experts will guide, demonstrate and educate you with the best home oral care routine and healthy habit decisions which we can tailor to fit your current lifestyle. Similarly, if you’re suffering from a dental condition which may require treatment, we will provide you with all your options before undertaking any procedures. Our position is to support you throughout your oral health journey while you as a patient have the autonomy to make informed decisions on the changes you wish to make in order to enhance your quality of life.


Often certain hardships and unforeseen circumstances in life can hinder individuals from seeking health care. We acknowledge this may lead to a delay in your dental treatment due to a fear of financial burden. As a result, one of our primary goals at Waverley Park Dental is to offer affordable yet outstanding dentistry. For all our patients, we honour and respect obligation-free dental appointments. Where required, our dental practitioners will give you options to cater for both your oral health needs and your financial circumstances. In the event where you wish to pursue your goals sooner but do not have the financial capacity, our clinic offers practical goal setting, private health fund acceptance and payment planning. We are also thrilled to offer gap free dental care for children under the current Child Dental Benefit Scheme. At Waverley Park Dental Care our focus is extensively preventative; our team advocate that authentic relationships, constructive guidance and regularity will create consistent gains and avoid long term complications.

Your oral health journey

Where you require any navigation through your oral health journey, our reception staff are ready to assist you. Contact us to book your dental appointment today.

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Why Choose Us

Where you require any navigation through your oral health journey, our reception staff are ready to assist you. Contact us to book your dental appointment today.